Affordable pool floor is the most difficult to choose, therefore, when the purchase should also choose waterproof and moisture resistance is very good, commonly used before the tiles and tiles, has no new ideas, wood-plastic flooring is wood material, but with good Of the waterproof moisture-proof performance, long life, no maintenance.

Benefits of the  pool floor

Affordable pool floor also has a flame retardant, pest control, no cracking is not deformed, easy to clean and maintenance-free advantages of the physical appearance of solid wood performance. Wood-plastic so many advantages Plastic-wood flooring can naturally become a suitable use of swimming pool flooring products. Plastic wood flooring in terms of style, color, texture or specifications are relatively new, but also a hybrid of European and American style and our retro style, both classic and trendy fashion retro. Plastic wood flooring specifications are more complete, there are 140×25 wood-plastic floor, 150×25 wood-plastic floor, 135×25 wood-plastic floor, 145×30 wood-plastic floors. Plastic wood flooring of good quality, environmental protection, but also the feeling of people back to nature, will become the most suitable floor of the pool.

Affordable pool floor to meet the quality of people’s pursuit of performance in the following points: free paint, anti-pest, wear-resistant, resistant to draw and flame retardant, deformation, stability and waterproof and moisture-proof, long life and so on. WPC flooring both to the quality of the customer demand, but also bring environmental protection to the social environment, coupled with the advantages of simple installation, not only in the pool, with the decoration in the park is also well-deserved.

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