In squares, parks, streets, communities and other places everywhere have various styles of flower boxes and wood preservative shavings box, but when the customer making the selection, they often face this problem: flower boxes and wood preservative wood shavings box which use a long time, which material flower boxe is more cost-effective?

Anti-corrosion wpc flower boxes have really good physical properties: heat resistance, anti-UV, insulation, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, workability, texture of wood, and not easily deformed; corrosion shavings box just after a simple embalmed, over after the time there will be cracks, paint chips and deformed, customers must maintain post-secondary, increased economic costs and labor costs.

Thus, the use of anti-corrosion wpc flower boxes time is 3-5 times longer than corrosion shavings box, excellent economy become the preferred choice. Shanghai Seven Trust flower boxes customized service, all praises from customer

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