Easy to clean teak deck boat

Whether public or private support boat ride boat for tourists, so you headache problem appears, as a general boat floor, most of them relatively difficult to clean, especially in the common type, of course, there is also a private, appear difficult to clean when traces greatly affect the appearance of the image of the ship, so easy to clean teak deck boat is a good choice.

Some of the features easy to clean teak deck boat

Teak deck boat with a hose or soapy cleaning effect can be achieved, of course, can not afford to face flush, you can gently wipe with a cloth on it. Its durability is favored by everyone, synthetic teak deck is a composite material with a low maintenance PVC 100% recyclable, and the deck is soft, not fade, dry, split or crack.

Easy to clean teak deck boat slip and maintenance is the top priority, the mood to play, that good or bad for the environment, when you have any other questions or want to consult, you can get in touch with us.

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