measurements are the backbone of a terrific fence installation. Be sure to measure the area multiple times to avoid silly mistakes (and perhaps have a friend or family member measure it as well). Ordering the correct amount will ensure that (1) you have enough materials to complete the fence and (2) you won’t have to worry about attempting to return surplus supplies, which is often not possible.

A fence is a major investment and its installation can be tricky, so if you don’t feel confident installing it yourself, go ahead and hire professionals. They will have the tools, training, and experience necessary to do the job right. In addition, of course, they will avoid all the common fence installation mistakes listed above.

Most yards have a slope, whether slight or significant. Even if you can barely see the incline or decline of a slope, it could have a profound impact on your fence’s installation. Account for the grade when purchasing and installing your fence, and be sure to adjust panels as necessary to create a neat and uniform final product. You may wish to find a fence that can easily be racked, for example, so that the pickets remain vertical, the top of the fence is even, and the bottom has an even gap that follows the slope of the land.

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