Eco-wood outdoor wall panel series from the shape, color, surface treatment for the design provides a humane choice, with excellent natural sensory effect. Environmental protection, fire-retardant, waterproof, moth-proof, anti-corrosion characteristics of Eco-wood outdoor wall panels in the hot season of significant effect of insulation, low temperature to prevent the spread of heat to improve the building construction The use of properties and comfort, but also enhance the external beauty of the building, widely used in large buildings, villas of the external walls. Eco-wood outdoor wall panels series introduced the European and American style design, and gradually lead the urbanization of environmental protection, fashion, green home trends.

Eco-wood outdoor wall panels, the best choice for wet weather

Ecol-wood outdoor wall panels in addition to some of the above features, the appearance of solid than wood, but also has the advantage of fast installation, save money, save time, save time. Ecological wood panels not only in the spring with a practical anti-moisture function, but also in the hot summer weather with the role of insulation, indoor air conditioning users can open a small air conditioning or open a little smaller, to achieve energy saving purposes. Winter is also true, can prevent the indoor heating from the outside diffusion, and to achieve the role of insulation. Therefore, in addition to eco-wood wall panels are now the best choice for wet weather, the next each season can play to its advantages.

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