Environmental quality wood floor

Environmental quality wood floor has become a new direction for the development of the building materials industry. Waterproof plastic wood floors combine the advantages of each ingredient, can replace a large number of timber ships, but also can effectively alleviate the forest resources, inadequate protection of the environment, and can be recycled. Wood floors can be a perfect substitute, such as some municipal construction, business infrastructure, residential areas, landscape and other places you can use the wooden floor. You can even apply to the deck of the ship and so on, through the unique design features wood materials can be used for different types of users.

Environmental quality wood floor is the use of wood fiber or filler, reinforcing fiber plants, by various melt processing methods modified thermoplastic composites by extrusion. Wood-plastic composites can not only play the advantages of each component used to overcome the limitations due to the low modulus of elasticity of wood, large variability caused by wood collected organic material and the advantages of a low-strength plastic, not only as a natural wood like appearance, and have a higher quality, with anti-corrosion, moisture, insects, high dimensional stability, no cracking, no warping, higher than pure plastic hardness, similar to wood processing, cutting, bonding, nail or bolts, can be painted. It is the dual advantages of cost and performance, in recent years, the expansion of WPC applications, access to new markets, more and more alternative to other traditional materials.

Economic trends are constantly upgrading, research and innovation of materials to meet customers’ changing needs. It appears Environmental quality wood floor is the process of continuous development means that our economy is developing rapidly, but also produce multiple economic benefits.

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