With the continuous improvement of the family decoration requirements, a direct impact on the wood-plastic flooring materials from the beautiful and durable to the environmental health of the overall requirements of the gradual transformation of seven real wood plastic is green products.

Wood-plastic flooring is mainly reflected in where environmental protection?

First: turning waste into treasure, plant fiber as raw material. Wood processing industry in the production process in the corner scrap, waste wood, wood, wood residue to fully crush and subtle, and polymerization of polymer materials, to maximize the integrated use of wood efficiency.
Second: can be recycled. In the production of environmentally friendly wood-plastic floor products, unqualified waste, scrap more than expected, recycled wood-plastic products to crush again processed into qualified products, its physical properties, surface effects are not affected.

In addition, seven real wood plastic product concept is to feel the natural, indulge in breathing, so Seven Trust wood floor is to create a new type of natural health kitchen environment, and constantly innovate the health of the natural breath and ecological life into the family In every corner. Traditional kitchen floor is often understood only as no odor, no bacteria, water and moisture, electrical appliances easy to use and safe on it, these seven real wood flooring, the early is well placed to fully competent.

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