In recent years, some of the outdoor attractions, residential green areas, parks and other places of the floor if you carefully observe, you will find some of the fence looks like a wooden fence, but it is not a wooden fence, this is the wooden fence . With the impact of wood-plastic fence in the flooring industry is growing, but through the observation in recent years, because the wood-plastic fence waterproof mildew, cold high temperature, gradually being accepted, high environmental WPC Fence is a very good choice.

High environmental WPC fence advantages

High environmental WPC fence color diversity thanks to the unique extrusion process, wood-plastic fence color and color can be truly uniform and consistent. Year after year, the colors still look great. You do not need to spend time dyeing or repair the color of the fence. Compared with the traditional color of the fence is truly natural, friendly, no paint, sealed, will not rot or termite bite.

High environmental WPC fence profile is a modern decoration material used for the construction of fences. Solid board made of WPC has relief design which makes your fence indistinguishable from that made of wood. We offer our clients a wide range of color options. Each of our customers can choose the option that would fit the overall design of the territory best of all.

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