The rapid development of the economy for decades, the earth’s resources have been over-exploitation of people, this development makes the ecological environment continues to intensify and worsen. Reduce the deforestation, while maintaining the performance characteristics of solid wood, texture appearance, but also to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood, but also increased the number of solid wood does not have excellent performance, and upgrade to the industrial application and design aesthetic category.

High fire resistant garden WPC floor has many characteristics, but also easy to deformation. Here to talk about the reasons for the deformation of wood plastic floor, which should be a lot of people would like to know the problem. Due to the humidity characteristics of wood-plastic flooring, the material will change with the environment and temperature changes. High fire resistant garden WPC floor  will absorb moisture from the air, which led to the continuous expansion of wood-plastic floor. If the environment is relatively wet, the water comes out to come into contact with the wood, wood will expand. If the environment is too dry, wood-plastic floor seams will be greater. Of course, many of the room floor when the rainy season without loopholes, flatness, and in the dry season or there will be moisture deformation, which is a normal sign.

So how to maintain high fire resistant garden WPC flooring it?

Scrub the high fire resistant garden WPC floor , should not use wet mop or use alkaline water, pond water, so as not to damage the plastic floor paint brightness, damage to the protective film. In humid conditions, dust or dirt is wiped off with a dry mop or wringed wet mop. Monthly (or every two months) to play a wax (waxing in the wood floor of the water and stains can be cleaned before). To prevent leakage or waterlogging situation. If you use the floor heating, you should always pay attention to, can not let the sun in the sun exposure or direct contact with electric ovens and the like heating equipment.

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