For decades, teak has been a closely regulated plantation product, with trees cultivated to meet specific grades. However, as demand has increased, the quality of the wood is dropping. Higher moisture content and irregularities in color are appearing more frequently. This adds hours and cost to the selection and installation process. Choose high quality synthetic teak decking is important.

Since the advent of fiberglass boat production, sailors have had a love-hate relationship with high quality synthetic teak decking. On the one hand, they provide a good nonskid surface and add a feeling of warmth to a boat’s appearance. On the other, teak is expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

By contrast, high quality synthetic teak decking can be installed at a fraction of the cost—30 to 50 percent less, depending on the job—and requires almost no maintenance to keep it from splitting or going gray. It is also much “greener,” in that it doesn’t involve harvesting tropical hardwood.

Today’s high quality synthetic teak decking are made of textured PVC , so there’s no way for things like red wine or fish guts to soak in and cause problems. In the event your decking does get stained, simply sand it off with some coarse-grit sandpaper, and you’re good as new.

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