How to choose high-quality wood deck

First, select high-quality wood deck from the appearance, the appearance of the floor to see if there is no significant uneven, then sanding the floor appearance, if not easy to leave scratches, wear clarify a higher floor level, receipt after the sample first to see the goods, of course, is not a commodity surface, but the packaging, the packaging in which we look at the parameters

First floor to see if the back is printed production time, brand name, series, national standards these items of data, if not clarify very probably three no product.Then look at certification. Be sure to look for business floor Have a certificate of origin, ISO9001 international quality certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification. Since the product safety certification necessary rigorous, long-lasting product to be held throughout the monitoring, detection of gas after eligible, and therefore power giant certification on behalf of quality. High-quality products are generally pay more attention to environmental protection, health and now is the first one, a big topic so customers are more concerned about is that the floor is environmentally friendly. When customers buy certainly it depends on whether they passed the ISO14001 certification.

Finally, look at the price of high-quality wood deck. Due to limited capital, it is best not to buy on the market less than 70 yuan per square meter laminate flooring, since it is often less expensive wood flooring material itself certainly not particularly good, could not see from the outside, but it actually is doped into something completely different, like WPC profile Seven Trust has added anti-UV, anti-oxidants, but the appearance on the market of ordinary wood products do not see much difference, only in use 1 – 2 years after will find its benefits.

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