With the further improvement of quality of life requirements, WPC products continue to increase, but also gradually appear in the homes of ordinary people. The face of the market more and more WPC manufacturers, how do we identify the quality of it is good or bad? Today, seven real wood plastic to share with you:

First look at the appearance, the color suitable to see the comfortable and found that you buy WPC product color is uniform, there is no color; if the color is too large, then the product is not qualified.Followed by hand touch, the appearance of no problem in the case, to hand to touch the surface of WPC products to see if it is smooth.Then there is the way to observe the plate, its toughness is higher than the solid wood, and when the flip is not easy to distort. In order to avoid this problem, it is best to use a nail test, usually we are used to fix wood plastic nails are nails, thin, short, can be hidden to the nail, Wood interior, so when the test can be a small nail in general, not the blind pursuit of toughness, because it may affect its resistance to deformation characteristics.Finally weigh the weight, the general good quality wood plastic density, will be heavier.

If the majority of users in the purchase of more than four points to consider, I believe you buy is certainly desirable WPC products.

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