Long-life Fire-retardant Composite Decking

Solid wood flooring has been dominated flooring market, because it is made of natural wood production, he gives a natural feel, as well as natural wood fragrance, it is often used in interior decoration. Today we talk about Long-life Fire-retardant Composite Decking he is the rise of a new environmentally friendly wood composite materials.

Long-life Fire-retardant Composite Decking advantage

Long-life Fire-retardant Composite Decking That is the biggest advantage is the ability to recycle capital in many gardens and outdoor platforms will use it. Today the felling of trees seriously, forest increasingly less straight, and the emergence of wood just to alleviate this serious trend. He was able to largely replace wood wood, so not only deal with the lack of resources of trees, he has an excellent environmental effects, the trend in the future is bound to replace wood in solid wood. WPC material has a water-resistant, corrosion-resistant features, the use of long-life, wood materials and wood products compared with strong acid and alkali resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and do not multiply bacteria, can not easily be moth-eaten, not long fungi. The use of long life, up to 50 years. WPC features outstanding strength, wood-plastic composite materials containing plastic, it has good elastic modulus. In addition, because they contain plenty of fiber and by mixing with plastics, it has hardwood appropriate compression, and other anti-winding mechanical function, and its use by the significantly better than the usual wooden materials.

Long-life Fire-retardant Composite Decking material does not contain benzene, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO level specifications for grading European environmental standards, it can be recycled using large festival parade. Waterproof, moisture-proof. Wood flooring is the floor with a wood-plastic composite materials made of wood and have the same processing characteristics, the use of the usual things to sawing, drilling, on nails, very convenient, it is possible to use the same timber as usual. Water-conserving features of wood and plastic together with a texture of wood, making it into a feature outstanding and very corrosion by the use of outdoor waterproof building materials. So instead of outdoor wood floors, saving resources and environmental protection.

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