No painting or staining wood garden decoration

Have a safe and comfortable garden, every home users aspire to, beautiful courtyard exterior decoration,, will attract a lot of people gathered to watch, it might become an ornamental landscape, there is no painting or staining wood garden decoration is essential.

Garden Decor features

In our products, the garden decorated with wood and wood looks the same material and color can be customized with the customer, without any odor and toxic gas, is very suitable for our children and the elderly, while our garden wood decoration, maintenance-free, because there is a strong anti-corrosive, easy to clean, very suitable for the majority of customers.

High quality and high reputation we have customers in many countries, are willing to cooperate with us, no painting or staining wood garden decoration is very popular, and our garden had a lot of wood-plastic decorative products, such as flower boxes, pavilions, benches, fences, vine like.

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