No smell environmentally friendly flooring

Recently, many residents reacted, say some outdoor floor there will be some strange taste, so that it is very concerned about the time when a child crawling on the floor. Outdoor floor facade is a family, if there are other odors can cause resentment of others, no smell environmentally friendly flooring is a right choice.

No smell environmentally friendly flooring material

WPC is referred to mainly by wood-based or cellulose-based materials and plastic composites. The material is a combination of both plant fiber and polymer materials advantages, it can replace a lot of wood, which can effectively alleviate the poverty of forest resources, timber supply shortage of contradictions. Has a strong waterproof and light stability is extremely difficult to produce a chemical reaction to produce the other smell gas, due to the wood material has a 100% renewable, recyclable nature, so the wood is a very promising ” low-carbon, green, recyclable “material, the production technology is also considered a viable innovative technology, has broad market prospects and good economic and social benefits.

No smell environmentally friendly flooring product categories

No smell environmentally friendly flooring products are still many species, the use of the place is a lot of, in some flow of people and more parks, shopping and commercial district, at our home, anti-insect garden floor and high quality durable fence we are deeply in love. Here, only a brief introduction, if you want to learn more, you can leave your contact information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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