Outdoor pavilion

In Western countries, the courtyard is basically every citizen has, and with the improvement of living standards, many people are not satisfied with only few tables and chairs placed on the courtyard simple, according to the proportion of outdoor space, towards the location and use efficiency, please landscaper for the outdoor space tailored furniture. As the outdoor furniture is difficult to get rid of the fate of the wind and sun, so the custom outdoor furniture should pay attention to the material, process and preservative treatment three problems. Now we say something about the outdoor pavilion.

Outdoor pavilion has become mainstream

In most Western countries, casual outdoor furniture style, forms, simple tables and chairs, flower racks, swings. Seven Trust company in a product outdoor pavilion, a unique shape with oriental style. Into the summer, not only in the evening in the summer pavilion, you can see the beautiful sky. Our products can be custom-space ratio, toward the position and efficiency issues, custom sizes accordingly, material suitable for outdoor pavilion.

Outdoor pavilion sun and rain can not be avoided, but the material is used in new composite materials, with strong corrosion resistance and water resistance, and its long life, according to the relevant identification, up to 15 years. Outdoor pavilion in China are generally used in our numbers more of the park, to bring more people to rest and convenient.

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