Public Areas's WPC flooring

Nowadays, health has become a concept, is a green fashion, environmental protection by society advocate green consumption has become the trend of development. General outdoor decoration installation depending on the floor area of most use wood floor. Currently, many large companies are on the floor from the source material to a series of mechanical processing fuss, to conserve resources, sustainable development as a guide, for Public Areas’s WPC flooring began to enter people’s attention, so that health and environmental protection is not only a slogan, an idea, it is an act.

Public Areas’s WPC flooring Why will be accepted?

Public Areas’s WPC flooring product is a new type of composite material, no formaldehyde release of pollutants, there is light, rigid, waterproof, corrosion, fire and other characteristics, the material can be nailed like wood planing, feel the warmth of wood has , and distribute wood fragrance. It is understood that this new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, is in the process of producing high-density fiberboard produced lignans added after granulation equipment made of recycled plastic wood-plastic composites, extrusion group and then do a wood floor. Its main material is polyethylene or bamboo wood flour plus powder by the addition of additives, the high-speed mixing granulation, re-use extruder pellets extruded profiles can be completed.

Industry sources said, Public Areas’s WPC flooring has its unique advantages. This floor can effectively waterproof, moisture, can be used normally in traditional wood products can not be applied in the environment; high environmental protection, pollution-free, and can be recycled, a significant reduction in timber, for sustainable development, which is the most important point; fire high-performance, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and will not produce toxic gases; production installation is simple, saves time and labor costs, late repair and maintenance is also more convenient. As people pay more attention to environmental protection and resources, waste recycling and resource recycling has become a major trend, which is on the national economy and environmental sustainability have a far-reaching, and it is to adapt to this WPC material requirements, or will become the next generation of the industry favorite.

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