Wood decking has been a feature used to help set boats and yachts apart from all their other counterparts on the water. However real wood decking has some big drawbacks such as cost and upkeep requirements.

With new synthetic teak boat deck options available boat and yacht owners are now able to have the great look of wood decking without many of the drawbacks. There are some major selling points to synthetic decking instead of using real wood. For example, synthetic teak boat deck requires little to no maintenance. It’s also much more affordable than real wood. Both of these are accomplished with a look extremely similar to real wood.

The world’s natural teak forests are disappearing due to overharvesting and poor ecological management practices. Teak trees are a tropical hardwood whose rot-resistant properties made it an attractive material for ship-making. The texture, color and appearance of teak has come to be representative of high-quality boat construction, and it is a very popular deck floating option.

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