The use of wood - plastic DIY floor

The market is a kind of material called wood plastic DIY floor, stitching a variety of combinations of patterns, the scope is also very broad, and easy installation, health, environmental protection, easy cleaning, rich colors, with a free combination of patterns to fight this feature by People’s favorite.

The use of wood – plastic DIY floor

Outdoor garden pool or indoor public bath non-slip pad, beautiful fashion. All wood-plastic has the following advantages: ① wood plastic processing more – because of its fiber and plastic polymer materials, in addition to sawing, nailing, planing, nail holding force was significantly better than the other Synthetic materials, generally 3 times the wood is 5 times the particleboard.
② wood plastic more mechanical – fiber and plastic mixture, so that wood and wood with a considerable compression, bending and other physical and mechanical properties, durability is better than ordinary wood, the surface hardness is stronger.
③ wood plastic long life – moisture, water, acid, corrosion, will not be moth-eaten, so in a variety of conditions are far more than the general life of timber.
④ Wood plastic adjustable good – through the adjustment of the production process, you can change the strength of wood-plastic products and density, in order to achieve anti-aging, anti-static, fire-retardant and other special requirements.
⑤ wood plastic recycling – waste wood-plastic sheet can be easily recycled decomposition, recycling, and production, use, recycling process is completely environmentally friendly non-polluting.
⑥ wood plastic aesthetic personality – compared to general wood, wood-plastic material is Mianqi, you can imitate the natural wood texture, and extremely rich colors to meet the individual pursuit of consumer DIY.

Assembled convenient and quick, there are a variety of parquet style choice, can also be customized according to customer preferences color and style, and now the market also appeared with a solar luminous floor, and waterproof anti-skid performance, form lively, by the user favorite.

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