Without painting outdoor patio WPC fence

Without painting outdoor patio WPC fence is the best material to replace wood fence, it has most of the characteristics of wood, while abandoning the shortcomings of wood, almost all the advantages of plastic, but also abandoned the shortcomings of plastic, it is plastic and wood The perfect combination, it is an indispensable modern garden construction materials.

Without painting outdoor patio WPC fence some of the advantages

Without painting outdoor patio WPC fence not only has the affinity of wood, and the nature of integration, but also has a nail can be nailed, can be drilled, planing, sticky and other characteristics, the surface smooth and delicate, without sanding and paint, the paint attached Good, can also be painted according to personal preferences. Life is relatively long, is said to be 4,5 times the life of the wood, long life in addition to its own characteristics with the relationship between wood plastic, but also with the usual maintenance of wood inseparable

Without painting outdoor patio WPC fence simple maintenance

Without painting outdoor patio WPC fence cleaning and maintenance need to pay attention to the problem, in fact, very simple, just need us to life in a little wood carefully, our floor will maintain a new look. WPC products are pure natural green products, the use of a wide range. However, the market is now mixed wood product quality, when consumers buy products must see the quality of the product. The raw materials of plastic-wood products from the root to eliminate the destruction of forests and other vegetation, and can effectively control the emission of harmful substances, reduce air pollution. Anti-static, easy construction, strong weather resistance and other performance is different from other similar products, the advantages of the majority of consumers love and favor.

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