WPC Solid Decking

Applications of WPC solid decking

Solid wood flooring suitable for outdoor, indoor, and outdoor patio can also be used in large shopping malls where large flow of people, and can be used in the customer play after resting place, as it is more easy to clean, and very comfortable and beautiful, more easy to attract customers to stay.

Advantages of WPC solid decking

You may choose a solid color for your deck because you have an almost limitless range of colors to choose from. solid color stain is quite thin and still allows the texture and character of the wood to show through. Before you make your final decision on what coating to use on your new deck, understand both the advantages and disadvantages of solid color stain. keep in mind that either solid color stain or paint is a permanent choice. You cannot change your mind in a couple of years and switch to a semi-transparent stain; it's extremely time-consuming to strip solid stain from a deck, and even more work to strip railings.

Non-toxic substances, non-dangerous chemical composition, non-preservative, no harmful substances like formaldehyde, benzene etc., will not cause air pollution or environmental pollution,Turning waste into treasure, recyclable, can also be biodegradable.

Solid decking is made from a mixture of wood and plastic. WPC contains 70% of wood and 30% of polymer (HDPE – High Density Polyethylene). The wood content offers strength and rigidity to the decking, along with better performance in flammability tests. the wood is cheaper than plastic and experiences less thermal expansion that the plastic content does.

Can be re-processed, sawed, planned, glued, fixed with nail or screw, easy and convenient to install. Through normal practices, it can be processed into many kinds of products, widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration and park decoration, so the rest of the people watching more comfortable.

Product Model

Solid Decking


SIZE: 200X20MM

Solid Decking


SIZE: 146X19MM

Solid Decking


SIZE: 140X23MM

Solid Decking


SIZE: 150X25MM